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News from Powerlink- Queensland electricity industry collaborates on renewable generation

July 26, 2016

Representatives of the Queensland electricity industry have gathered to discuss the future of the transmission network and the role it will play in supporting large-scale renewable generation.

More than 100 customer, consumer and industry representatives, including EUAA, attended the Powerlink Transmission Network Forum to gain an insight into future energy and demand forecasts, network development and future investments.

A key discussion topic was how the transmission network could support the development of large-scale renewable generation, with Powerlink outlining its ‘clustering’ model for shared assets designed to reduce connection infrastructure costs.

Powerlink Chief Executive Merryn York said the transmission network would play an important role in reaching a lower carbon future at the lowest possible cost.

Ms York said the forum was an important event to discuss the future of the transmission network in Queensland.

“The forum brings together industry leaders to enable important discussions about a range of topics including large-scale renewable generation and non-network solutions," Ms York said. 

"We received great input from participants that will improve our decision-making and ensure we continue to provide a safe, cost effective and reliable supply of electricity across Queensland."

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Are we able to get a list of attendees who attended this forum please.

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