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August 11, 2016

Is a unique Australian company formed in 2011 by the Directors of Nuvo Electrical Services & Urban Maintenance Systems, and specialist partners to finance, manage, deliver and maintain technology and environmental solutions in the Retail, Commercial, Office, Industrial, Healthcare, Education and Community sectors. 

Backed by leading financial institutions we offer capital expenditure, operational expenditure or fully funded solutions allowing clients to lease back the equipment. Under any of our financial models NuGreen can take full responsibility of the maintenance for up to 10 years, as agreed with our clients.

Established to address the new and emerging energy and technology related issues facing Australian organisations, we have sourced the world’s best and latest technology from a range of leading suppliers. 

With the ‘whole of life’ mindset entrenched in our thinking NuGreen not only manage the design & installation of retrofit and new projects, we navigate clients through the complex aspects of energy efficiency, carbon management, grants, government programs, carbon trading initiatives and carbon certificate generation and certification. 

NuGreen’s unique sustainability and technology integration approach enables us to act as your trusted advisor, assessing how your asset and business can become more energy efficient through the best ‘value for money’ approach enabling your business to meet mandatory obligations with least impact.

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