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Our Mission

The EUAA will provide a timely and professional service to members in four key areas; Policy Development, Advocacy, Information and Networking.  The EUAA will represent its Members’ collective views and respect the divergence of views of individual Members.

Our Vision

To be the trusted and relentless voice within the energy sector, seeking a competitive, reliable and sustainable energy supply for all energy users.

Our Values

  • Policy and Advocacy:  To provide a relentless and powerful voice on behalf of members to various energy industry stakeholders – be it in the regulatory, policy or political arena.  Advocacy is underpinned by strong and highly qualitative research and data.
  • Information:  To inform, educate and build the skills/knowledge base of our members and other energy industry stakeholders by offering a series of targeted energy-based forums.
  • Networking:  To provide a forum for members and other energy industry stakeholders to pursue a better understanding of their issues.
  • Support:  To support members through access to a range of services that provide practical solutions to issues impacting day-to-day management of energy.


The EUAA is a not-for-profit body and receives most of its revenue from membership fees and internally generated income, and from time to time external project funds. The Association is incorporated.

Members determine EUAA policy and direction. A Chairperson, Deputy Chairperson and Board are elected by members annually to guide these matters on behalf of members. They are elected at our Annual General Meeting (held in conjunction with our Annual National Conference). 

The Chief Executive Officer is responsible for managing activities, administration, finances and implementing/developing policy, and is supported by a specialist team of people covering our range of activities.

Formation & History

The Energy Users Group of Australia (forerunner of the EUAA) was formed in 1996. Members are mostly energy end-users called Full & Associate Members (see list of members).

Energy retailers and other companies involved in the energy sector, are classed as Supporting or Affiliate Members.

The EUAA was formed to provide a focal point for developing end-user views on energy market reform and in recognition of the complex issues involved which require dedicated and continuous effort. Since formation, it has expanded its activities to areas including climate change, demand management and energy efficiency. It also provides an expanding range of beneficial services to its members.