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Member Services

Government Policy Work

Government energy and reform policies are important to EUAA members and can have a significant bearing on their operations and the cost of energy.  The Association has established links with governments (Commonwealth and State) and devotes a significant efforts to representing the interests of EUAA members to policy-makers.

Regulatory Work

Regulation is an increasingly important aspect of the emerging energy markets and the views of customers should be paramount.  The EUAA has therefore developed considerable expertise in representing the interests of EUAA members to regulators and policy-makers.

The EUAA has direct links and regular contact with national regulatory bodies (such as the ACCC, AER, and AEMO) and with state regulators.  It also has representatives on committees established by these bodies.

Climate Change, Renewables & Energy Efficiency

The EUAA is involved in a range of Federal and State environmental issues including:

  • Renewable energy policies
  • Carbon policies
  • Energy efficiency policies and programs 

Member networking and information exchange

The EUAA provides members with an important peer network on energy end-use, that extends to the energy market more broadly, as well as to regulators and policy-makers.  It does this through regular member consultations and other forums, by representations, as well as by enhancing communication amongst end-users.

Members can exchange information for mutual advantage, discuss issues, learn about the experience of other energy users and improve their ability to operate effectively as energy buyers, managers, or as people that interact with end-users.

See our events page for more information.

Regular updates of energy market developments

A variety of services are provided to keep members informed of the latest developments.  For instance, members are provided with information on market issues such as prices, national market developments and Federal & State regulatory issues.  

Submissions and papers are another important way to ensure that the EUAA influences outcomes for members and they also help to keep members informed.  Members are consulted for input into submissions. Copies of final versions are available on request to members.

Seminars & Briefings

The EUAA runs workshops and seminars on end-user issues.

Our National Annual Conference is the EUAA’s major annual event and there are also seminars dealing with energy (electricity and gas) price and market trends and State energy forums in Vic, Qld, NSW and Tasmania.  Energy customer-relevance is a major focus for EUAA events.  Short briefings on key issues, or ‘hot’ topics, are also held.

EUAA members benefit with discounted entry to EUAA events.