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The EUAA is Australia’s largest energy user advocacy organisation. Our members are part of a critical network of companies spanning food, transport, technology, energy, mining, real estate, provision of raw materials, entertainment, and professional services that benefit the Australian community.


Over the last 10 years Australia has given up its comparative advantage in competitively priced, highly reliable energy that has underpinned significant industrial development and employment for many decades.

In assessing the causes of this it is important to highlight the broad range of issues impacting on energy users. All too often the debate and by virtue of this the policy and regulatory response, focuses on just one element when a more holistic response is required.

Download the attached document to review EUAA policy position on Electricity.


The impacts of COVID-19 and the collapse in oil prices are being felt at all levels of the gas supply chain, and they have highlighted key areas of dysfunction in the market. There is a significant cumulative effect on gas users which exacerbates the difficulties being experienced by many commercial and industrial users.

Download attachment to read EUAA policy position on Gas, last updated Sept 2020.


Sustainability is a key issue in energy which relates to emissions and long term energy supply. Energy users rely on an efficient and sustainable supply of energy in which to operate their business; sustainability is therefore a key consideration.

The EUAA view is in Australia’s best interests to be part of a global climate change solution that minimises overall costs of decarbonisation of its economy and takes advantage of new technological and economic opportunities.

To ensure the transition to low carbon energy market is both economically and environmentally efficient, investment grade policy is required.Central to this must be a market-based mechanism that puts a price on carbon.

Climate change policies must be clear in their intent, consistent and fair in their application and always seek to minimise the financial impact on consumers while meeting the government’s international commitments.

The attached document (from pg 5) outlines EUAA Climate Change position. Our Net Zero position is here.


EUAA Submission: National Electricity Amendment (Accomodating Financability In The Regulatory Framework) Rule

Emily Wood | February 8, 2024

'...The EUAA support the pursuit of net zero targets but this must be achieved at least cost, not at any cost.  Additionally, we seek an…

EUAA Submission: Draft 2024 Forecasting Assumptions Update

Emily Wood | February 8, 2024

'... The EUAA understands that the forecasting assumptions presented in the Draft Update are used in AEMO’s planning forecasting, i.e. the Electricity Statement of Opportunities…

EUAA Submission: National Electricity Amendment (Enhancing Reserve Information) Rule 2024

Emily Wood | February 8, 2024

'...Thank you for the opportunity to make a submission for AEMC’s Draft Determination for the Enhancing Reserve Information (formerly the Operating Reserve Market) rule change.…

EUAA Submission: Forecast Accuracy Report Methodology

Emily Wood | February 7, 2024

'... Thank you for the opportunity to make a submission under the Forecast Accuracy Report (FAR) Methodology. The EUAA understands that currently the FAR reviews…

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