Energy Security Board Discussion Paper Welcomed by Energy Users

Energy Security Board Discussion Paper Welcomed by Energy Users

Emily Wood | February 16, 2018

The peak body representing large energy users, the Energy Users’ Association of Australia (EUAA) welcomes the release of the National Energy Guarantee Draft Design Discussion Paper by the Energy Security Board (ESB).

“Energy stakeholders, including major commercial and industrial energy users, have been stuck in energy policy hell for a number of years which has led to escalating energy costs and a perilous investment environment,” said EUAA CEO Andrew Richards.

“We hope the release of this discussion paper will signal the start of a consumer focussed process by the ESB and we encourage all sides of politics and the energy industry to work collaboratively over the coming months to see an end to the uncertainty that has plagued the energy industry for over a decade.”

While yet to fully digest all the contents and complexity of the discussion paper, the ESB seems to have heard and understood the concerns from a number of stakeholders about the need for clarity while also understanding the need to enhance competition not see it decrease.

“It looks like they have been listening to energy users and we hope this trend continues.”

“We are also pleased they won’t be throwing the baby out with the bathwater by attempting to completely re-design the energy market when much of what we have can be retained and refined to get a positive outcome for energy users.”

“We are encouraged by the direction of the consultation paper and will take a few days to digest the detail before looking forward to ongoing dialogue with the ESB.”

The EUAA represents members that deliver essential items to the Australian community every day. Their activities include food processing, plastics manufacturing, mining for raw materials, glass manufacturing, and healthcare.


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Further information about the ESB process and discussion paper is available here.

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