Policies & Submissions

The EUAA is Australia’s largest energy user advocacy organisation. Our members are part of a critical network of companies spanning food, transport, technology, energy, mining, real estate, provision of raw materials, entertainment, and professional services that benefit the Australian community.


Over the last 10 years Australia has given up its comparative advantage in competitively priced, highly reliable energy that has underpinned significant industrial development and employment for many decades.


In assessing the causes of this it is important to highlight the broad range of issues impacting on energy users. All too often the debate and by virtue of this the policy and regulatory response, focuses on just one element when a more holistic response is required.


Download the attached document to review EUAA policy position on Electricity.



While inroads are being made in relation to the supply and price of domestic gas. While a new mechanism to better manage these issues has been introduced by the Federal Government in recent times, there is still more to be done to ensure a reliable and affordable gas supply is available.


To review the EUAA position on issues to do with gas, please download the attached document.




Sustainability is a key issue in energy which relates to emissions and long term energy supply. Energy users rely on an efficient and sustainable supply of energy in which to operate their business; sustainability is therefore a key consideration.


The attached document provides a summary of  the EUAA position on issues including sustainability.



EUAA Submission: AEMC Draft Rule Determination on RERT

Emily Wood | March 21, 2019

'We have taken a close interest in the recent debate around the Reliability and Emergency Reserve Trader (RERT). This came to prominence when some of…

EUAA Submission: AEMC Draft Determination – Draft National Gas Amendment Rule

Emily Wood | March 21, 2019

'EUAA believe that not only is more domestic gas required but more domestic gas suppliers with access to multiple, economically viable forms of transportation. We…

EUAA Submission: ACCC Framework for Consistent Reporting of Natural Gas Reserve

Emily Wood | March 16, 2019

'Information asymmetry is a major hurdle faced by industrial gas customers as they seek to negotiate affordable gas supply. Therefore, the EUAA welcomes the ACCC…

EUAA Submission: Treasury Laws Amendment Bill (Divestiture)

Emily Wood | January 30, 2019

'The EUAA is extremely concerned about the impact of the proposed legislation, particularly its potential unintended consequences. Our members need policies that act as a…

Submission: AER Review of the Value of Customer Reliability (Supplementary Submission)

Emily Wood | December 17, 2018

 Our members are highly exposed to movements in both gas and electricity prices and have been under increasing stress due to escalating energy costs. These…

EUAA Submission: AEMC RERT Enhancement

Emily Wood | November 29, 2018

Our members are very concerned about both the costs of the Reliability and Emergency Reserve Trader (RERT) and the lack of transparency around how these…

EUAA Submission: Electricity Price Monitoring and Response Legislative Framework

Emily Wood | November 9, 2018

The EUAA have reviewed the Electricity price monitoring and response legislative framework consultation paper (consultation paper) and are in general agreement with the overall intent…

EUAA Submission: Underwriting New Generation Investment

Emily Wood | November 9, 2018

In the absence of national, bipartisan energy policy that provides investors and energy users with sufficient comfort to enter into long-term agreements it may be…

EUAA Submission: Project Marinus Project Specification Consultation Report

Emily Wood | October 26, 2018

Project Marinus is the TasNetworks proposal to build a second interconnector between Tasmania and Victoria. The PSCR is just the first stage of a longer…

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