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Joint statement: Proposed Electricity Price Monitoring and Response Powers

Emily Wood | December 3, 2018

Australia’s business community and the energy sector urge the Australian Government to abandon proposed legislation that will impede the broader investment environment in Australia and…

The Energy War has Left us with Limited Options

Emily Wood | November 22, 2018

So, it has come to this. After more than a decade of open warfare on energy and climate change policy, it now appears our next…


Energy users represent customer voice on electricity issues

Emily Wood | October 4, 2018

Essential Energy has welcomed five new members to its Customer Advocacy Group (CAG), including CEO of the Energy Users’ Association…

Schneider Electric’s Weekly Outlook

Emily Wood | October 4, 2018

Schneider's Weekly Outlook is available to full EUAA Members as part of their membership and also available to Schneider Electric clients.…


National Conference 1 - 2 May 2019

Emily Wood | November 30, 2018

Work is taking place behind the scenes to bring you a sensational National Conference on May 1 & 2 in Melbourne next year. With key…


EUAA Submission: AEMC RERT Enhancement

Emily Wood | November 29, 2018

Our members are very concerned about both the costs of the Reliability and Emergency Reserve Trader (RERT) and the lack of transparency around how these…

EUAA Submission: Electricity Price Monitoring and Response Legislative Framework

Emily Wood | November 9, 2018

The EUAA have reviewed the Electricity price monitoring and response legislative framework consultation paper (consultation paper) and are in general agreement with the overall intent…

EUAA Submission: Underwriting New Generation Investment

Emily Wood | November 9, 2018

In the absence of national, bipartisan energy policy that provides investors and energy users with sufficient comfort to enter into long-term agreements it may be…

EUAA Submission: Project Marinus Project Specification Consultation Report

Emily Wood | October 26, 2018

Project Marinus is the TasNetworks proposal to build a second interconnector between Tasmania and Victoria. The PSCR is just the first stage of a longer…

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