Energy Users Big Losers in Victorian Onshore Gas Opposition Decision

Emily Wood | September 29, 2015

Energy users expressed disappointment at today’s calls for an extension on the moratorium on gas exploration in Victoria until 2020 by the Victorian Opposition. ‘Today’s announcement indicates a distinct lack of concern for what this means to both retaining existing Victorian jobs, as well as the impediment it creates to future job growth,’ said Brian Green, Chair of the Energy Users Association of Australia. ‘Victoria’s energy users have faced rising demand on services, conflicting policy objectives and an emerging gas crisis,’ said Mr Green. ‘What is needed is for our politicians to take the politics out of energy policy, and show a genuine commitment to energy users from the domestic, commercial and industrial sectors.’ ‘Today’s announcement does nothing to address the concerns of consumers and landholders alike about CSM mining and production,’ said Mr Green. ‘Rather, it places Victorian energy users in an increasingly difficult position – costs are skyrocketing, and extending the moratorium serves no practical purpose other than the seemingly political.’ ‘The EUAA calls for strong leadership from the Victorian government,’ said Mr Green. ‘We need our political leaders to commit to lifting the moratorium relating to conventional on-shore gas exploration, and replace said moratorium with a sound approvals process backed by science and robust regulation.’

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