Energy Users Welcome Additional Market Oversight

Emily Wood | September 27, 2016

The leading voice and advocate for large energy users, the Energy Users Association of Australia, has welcomed todays announcement by the South Australian government that it will provide additional market oversight powers to the Australian Energy Regulator (AER). “Energy users are keen to see greater transparency in energy markets and look to peak regulators like the AER to help protect them from unnecessary energy costs, including price spikes” said EUAA CEO Andrew Richards. A combination of issues brought about significant high price events recently in South Australia with many energy users fearing a similar situation may reoccur during the coming summer. “Energy users accept that energy markets can fluctuate due to normal forces of supply and demand. However, it would be difficult to accept high prices brought about by manipulation of the market.” Another contributing factor to high electricity bills has been significant increases in network charges. “We are also concerned about ever increasing network costs so enhancing the ability of the AER to keep a close watch on this area is important to managing future energy costs while improving user confidence in the process of network price re-sets.” “We hope these legislative initiatives will provide a catalysis for further market oversight enhancements across the entire energy market.”

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