EUAA Submission: AEMO Electricity Fee Structure

EUAA Submission: AEMO Electricity Fee Structure

Emily Wood | September 23, 2020

‘The EUAA agrees with the AEMO that significant changes in the NEM since the last review of the fee structure means it is appropriate to undertake this review.

While we acknowledge that this review is not about the annual budget and fees, it cannot be separated from that. A necessary pre-requisite for a fee structure that meets the NEO is a budget that is arrived at after a transparent and collaborative engagement process. A process that gives consumers confidence on the purpose that particular sub-segments of costs are being incurred for the benefit of particular stakeholders. A process that then provides a relatively straightforward answer to ‘which stakeholder should properly bear this cost?’ We look forward to the consultation process on the 2021-22 budget that provides that level of understanding….’

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