EUAA Submission: Consultation RIS - Gas Transparency

EUAA Submission: Consultation RIS – Gas Transparency

Emily Wood | September 25, 2019

The information asymmetry that exists between the gas supply chain and gas users is an issue the EUAA has been highlighting for many years. Eventually it was recognised by the ACCC in its seminal report on the East Coast Gas Supply in April 2016. This report provided much impetus for the detailed reform program now underway through the Energy Council Gas Market Vision with detailed analysis of reform options through the ACCC, AEMC and GMRG. We strongly support the vision and the various underlying work streams and look forward to their timely implementation.

Despite some progress, there continues to be major information deficiencies in the gas market that have contributed to it being a significant distance away from achieving the National Gas Objective.

We welcome the COAG Regulatory Impact Statement (RIS) consultation process.

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