Net Zero Is The New Black, But ‘How’ We Get There Remains Uncertain

Net Zero Is The New Black, But ‘How’ We Get There Remains Uncertain

Emily Wood | May 3, 2021

As governments across Australia make commitments to decarbonise the economy, including the latest announcement from the Victorian Government over the weekend, ‘how’ we get there remains a largely unanswered question, observed the leading advocate for commercial and industrial energy users, The Energy Users’ Association of Australia (EUAA).

“Australia is definitely on the path to decarbonisation of our economy with many initiatives and actions being undertaken by governments, business, and individuals across the country,” said EUAA Chief Executive Officer, Mr Andrew Richards.

“We recognise the ambitious commitments being made, however we remain concerned about the costs involved and how these will be managed, as well as the practicalities of being able to achieve a near/net zero outcome for a number of large commercial and industrial businesses for whom there is currently no commercially viable alternative to their fuel and manufacturing process.”

The EUAA is the peak national body representing major Australian electricity and gas users. Its membership covers a broad cross-section of the Australian economy including significant retail, mining, manufacturing, healthcare, raw materials and food processing industries producing many essential items used by the Australian community every day.

Many EUAA members have already taken significant steps to improve the efficiency of their operations and the sustainability in their processes. However, the difficult problem for some businesses, who make essential items used by the community every day, including steel, glass and brick makers remains.

“The Energy Security Board on Friday (April 30) noted in its Options Paper that there are many challenges in our energy markets that are yet to be solved for a post 2025 environment,” added Mr Richards.

“We agree with the ESB and would welcome the opportunity for deep engagement with policy makers as they consider ‘how’ we achieve a net zero or near net zero outcome.”

Combined, EUAA members employ over 1 million Australians, pay billions in energy bills every year and are desperate to see a national energy and climate change plan that puts downward pressure on electricity and gas costs.

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