Powerlink’s 2017 Transmission Annual Planning Report released

Emily Wood | July 11, 2017

Powerlink’s high voltage transmission network is an integral part of the Queensland electricity supply system, with an important responsibility of delivering power to almost four million people.

Powerlink has published its 2017 Transmission Annual Planning Report (TAPR), which forms a key part of Powerlink’s planning and decision-making for the future.

The 2017 TAPR outlines the key drivers impacting Powerlink’s business and future grid planning activities, including information on forecast electricity requirements, the transmission network’s capability and the ways in which they will manage the network to ensure safety, efficiency and reliability.

This year’s TAPR has a chapter on renewable energy connections and what Powerlink is doing to help these customers. The document contains an analysis of large-scale variable renewable electricity generation connections to the grid, and the potential impacts of new and emerging technologies, including battery storage.

The TAPR can be found online on Powerlink’s website, along with an overview document providing a high-level summary of key findings.

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