Queensland electricity industry collaborates on future energy solution

Queensland electricity industry collaborates on future energy solution

Emily Wood | August 10, 2017

More than 110 key electricity industry representatives gathered on Monday (7 August) to collaborate on the future of Queensland’s transmission network in a changing energy industry.

Customers, consumers, government, renewable energy proponents and industry representatives attended Powerlink’s annual Transmission Network Forum, gaining an insight into future energy and demand forecasts, network development and future investment in Queensland.

Key discussion topics included the potential delivery of clean energy hubs, ongoing delivery of secure and affordable electricity, and new approaches to transmission network connections.

Powerlink Chief Executive Merryn York said the Transmission Network Forum provided Powerlink with an opportunity to discuss the future of the energy sector with key industry stakeholders.

“The energy industry is experiencing change the likes of which it hasn’t seen before, so it is vital that we seek the views of our customers to make the best possible decisions,” Ms York said.

“We are focused on how we can reduce the cost of our transmission services and put downward pressure on other elements of electricity prices, while continuing to provide a reliable and safe service supporting the supply of electricity to more than four million Queenslanders.

“Powerlink is also focused on facilitating the transition to a lower carbon future, with a key focus of the forum on exploring aspects of the proposed clean energy hub in North Queensland.

“The feedback from this session will be considered as part of the feasibility study into the clean energy hub. This input will also assist in investigating how the clean energy hub model could potentially be replicated across the state.

“The forum also presented an opportunity for parties looking to connect to Powerlink’s network to better understand upcoming regulatory changes and discuss changing approaches to network connection processes.”

Ms York said the high level of interest in the forum reinforced the important role the transmission network will play in the future of energy in Queensland.

“It’s an exciting time to be working in our industry and have the opportunity to be part of significant change that will positively impact on our customers,” Ms York said.

“We received great input from participants that will improve our decision-making and ensure we continue to provide a safe, cost effective and reliable supply of electricity across Queensland.”

About Powerlink Queensland: Powerlink is a State Government Owned Corporation, which owns, develops, operates and maintains the high voltage electricity transmission network that extends 1700km from north of Cairns to the New South Wales border.  Find out more about Powerlink

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