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Message from the CEO

March 8, 2017
For many years the EUAA have been strong advocates for gas market reform, warning of a looming crisis if policy makers did not act decisively.  We pushed hard for the ACCC enquiry into the East Coast Gas Market and continue to support the implementation of it's key recommendations.
Many ga…

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Gas and Electricity contracts up 150% for some...

March 6, 2017

Energy Markets at the Crossroads: gas and electricity contracts up 150% for some

Progressively over the last 10 years Australia has given up its comparative advantage in fairly priced, highly reliable energy which has underpinned significant industrial development and employment for many decades.…

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Warning signs ignored so price shocks inevitable

February 28, 2017

Energy Users Association of Australia (EUAA) CEO Andrew Richards today called on governments and regulators to work more closely with industry to repair the damage to energy markets before Australia’s economy is changed permanently.

“Large energy users have been warning governments and regulato…

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Energy Users Association of Australia has moved!

February 28, 2017

The EUAA has moved to a new office location in Melbourne CBD. We are now located at Suite 904, 530 Little Collins Street. Our new phone number is 03 9909 7013.

Queensland’s Energy System Reliable as Electricity Demand Hits Record High

January 24, 2017

Last week’s heatwave contributed to a new record in Queensland with demand on Powerlink’s electricity transmission network reaching an all-time peak.

Powerlink Chief Executive Merryn York said the peak of 9,357 megawatts (MW) was reached at 7pm on January 18.

“We’ve seen a new record deman…

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